Knives are every cook’s best friend. Cooking is impossible without them. Whether you’re a home cook or a professional, the quality of your knives largely influences your cooking results. Little do most amateur and non-cooks realize that there are more than one type of kitchen knife and each holds their own purpose. Knives aren’t just categorized as big and small. What might sound like fancy names is quite common in the kitchen.

Most popular knives, used in a kitchen on a daily basis are chef’s knife, peeler, slicer, paring knife, and so on. All these knives are used to cut different foods. For instance, a chef’s knife and steak knives aren’t used for the same purpose. A knife set usually includes all these types of knives, and some more. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to use every knife in the set, but it sure is nice to have everything at hand, for the times when you might need them.

The price of knife sets vary, depending on the material used for its construction, quality of the materials, and the brand name that has been marked on to the product. The safest way to choose a quality product is to stick with a reputed brand, or you could always do a hefty amount of research to locate the best product.

Knife sets aren’t always the best way to go, in fact, they aren’t even recommended by most chefs and food magazines. But, if you want decent cutting power, and aren’t focused on perfect individual knives, knife sets will work fine for you. You also get a wooden block to store all your knives, so that’s also a plus.

What Do You Really Need?

It’s a must that you have at least 3 or 4 knives for versatile uses. Most essential of them all is a chef’s knife, so that’s what you want your top priority to be. However, purchasing this individually might not always be ideal for all your kitchen needs. A knife set almost always includes a chef’s knife, and along with that, it also comes with other useful knives like bread knives, boning knife, slicers, and variety of other knives.

Most manufacturers include these knives and add a bunch of steak knives and other not so important blades, to make the package seem more valuable. Professional chefs and food magazine critics have also commented that most knife set manufacturers sell shorter or not so adequate knives in their package, to make the set more affordable. For instance, you might get a 4 inch boning knife, when in reality; a 6 inch knife would be more appropriate and serve its purpose better.

Don’t hesitate comparing between knife sets to pick out the best one. Additionally, it’s good to have a quality storage box. Popular ones are either acrylic or wooden bases. The container that hold the blades perfectly and where all knives are aligned parallel also keeps the knives safe and at the same time it’s easy on the eye.

Features You Don’t Want to Miss

Whether you’re purchasing a knife set or individual knives, there are certain features you just can’t miss whenever you’re looking for blades. Here, we have listed some of the obvious and important features.

  • It goes without saying that knives should be sharp. But, that’s not the only thing to look for. It’s best to have a slight curve on the knife’s edge. The tip and heel of the knife should be little higher than the middle of the blade, as this helps to rock the knife more easily against a chopping board. This is a must have in a chef’s knife and having it on a serrated knife can also be useful.
  • A good knife has a proper balance between the handle and blade. You should feel comfortable while handling the blade. Although, with everything purchased online these days, trying it out before buying is hardly an option.
  • The best knives are always a single solid piece of metal with handle bars attached from opposite sides, pinned onto the blade. This is also called as having a full tang. This could make the knife slightly heavy, but you can always find custom knives with tapered tangs, where the width of the tang decreases along the length of the handle. This helps in maintaining proper balance.
  • Picking the carbon-steel made knife, you have two options: forged and stamped. Forged knives are generally heavier and more expensive, but there are high-quality stamped knives on the market these days. So, it really comes down to whether you want a heavy knife or a lightweight knife. Another option for you is ceramic knives. These are generally cheaper than steel made models. But, these are not as durable and require heavy maintenance. You can’t even sharpen them like regular knives.

The features of course, aren’t limited to just these. The more you plunge into the matter, the more you’ll find. There are so many different knife sets on the market that choosing a single product is much harder than it needs to be. With every manufacturer claiming their product to be the best one, it doesn’t make our job any easier. We have gone through countless knife sets, and done thorough research to pick out some of the best options for you.






   Chicago Cutlery Fusion Forged 18-Piece Knife Block Set  4.6 View Best Price Full Review
   Chicago Cutlery Belmont 16-Piece Block Knife Set  4.2 View Best Price Full Review
   Cuisinart 15-Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set  4.5 View Best Price Full Review
   Oceanstar Contemporary 15-Piece Knife Set with Block 4.1 View Best Price Full Review
   Ceramic Knife Set with Block 5 Piece  4.3 View Best Price Full Review

Chicago Cutlery Fusion Forged 18-Piece Knife Block Set, Stainless Steel

The knife set from Chicago Cutlery is a complete set of 18 different pieces of blades. The package includes everything from a 3.25” parer to 8 – 4.2” steak knives and even an 8” sharpening steel. The storage block that comes with the package, meant for storing all the blades seems to be made of quality hardwood.


  • The knives are sharp and cut easily and quickly.
  • Handling the knives is easy, because of the well-put handle and the black grip.
  • The total of 18 pieces provides plenty of options for all your cutting needs.
  • High quality carbon stainless steel has been used for maximum strength, and prevention against rust and stains.


  • The knives aren’t dishwasher safe, and you need to immediately dry your knives after handwashing them, otherwise, you’ll be getting rust and stains, contrary to the description provided by the company.
  • It’s not visually comfortable to have knives not aligned accurately when placed in the slots.
  • No scissors are included in the packaging, which would have made a great addition.

Chicago Cutlery is one of the reputed names in the business. Not only are these blades sharp, but they can also be easily sharpened. You can only hand wash them, but that doesn’t take much long. This is one product every home cook must have. This will look good on your kitchen countertop too. The company backs this product with a lifetime warranty and sharpening steel is also included in the packaging.
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Chicago Cutlery Belmont 16-Piece Block Knife Set

We just couldn’t miss out on this Chicago Cutlery Knife set, even though we have already mentioned one. All knives have been well made to be strong, hard, and efficient. The precision sharpened cutting edges further enhance your kitchen experience. The set consists of 16 different pieces of blades.


  • The full metal tang construction of the knives makes them strong, easy to handle and provides proper balance.
  • The polymer handles featured on the unit are comfortable and durable.
  • The wooden block included in the packaging, meant for storing all 16 blades, is of a decent quality.
  • A pair of scissors is also included in the packaging, unlike most similar sets of knives.
  • They are available for an unbelievably cheap price.


  • The scissors that come with it seem to be below par, compared to other blades in the set.
  • Washing these knives in the dishwasher will deteriorate the quality, and also cause stains and rust. These are not rust proof as advertised by the company, but I guess that’s what you get for such a cheap product.
  • Plastic handles on the steak knives have been found to be flimsy and cheap.

Belmont knife set from Chicago Cutlery is one of the cheapest, yet amazing products from the company. 16 different pieces of knives provide versatility and sense of skillfulness to every cook; just make sure you use the right one for the right purpose. The whole set is available for an unbelievably inexpensive price. Your handling will determine the durability of the product. Overall, it’s great value for money.
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Cuisinart 15-Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set

Cuisinart is one of the first names that strikes your mind when thinking about kitchen appliances. Their line of knife set is a well-equipped package of 15 knives. It comes with a storage block to safely store all your sharp blades. You can also purchase the knife and a company provided cutting board as a combo, which will cost you slightly more.


  • High quality carbon stainless steel used for the construction of the blades make them super strong and reliable due to their precise cutting capabilities.
  • Ergonomically designed handles provide optimum comfort.
  • The knives are dangerously sharp and will cut through everything effortlessly.
  • The knives are not just sharp, but also quite beautiful, in their own way.
  • All pieces are easy to clean. Just hand wash them and let them dry.


  • The handles are slippery at times, which could be dangerous.
  • Letting these knives soak in the water after washing them could result in stains and even rust. You must let them dry immediately to maintain their quality.
  • The knife slots could have been cut more accurately, so that all knives would align aesthetically.
  • Being too light, they might hinder your balance at times.

This product meets the standards set by Cuisinart over the years. The knives are both beautiful and strong. The blades are sharp, tough and will cut through pretty much anything. For all the features they come with, they aren’t even priced much. The set offers great value for money. Also, the product is backed by a lifetime warranty from the company.
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Oceanstar Contemporary 15-Piece Knife Set with Block

Ergonomic design, high quality and good value for money is what you can expect from Oceanstar, and you’ve got exactly that with this Oceanstar product. This set holds the collection of 15 contemporary pieces, which include a variety of blades and also a pair of shears.


  • The high carbon stainless steel used for the construction of the blades make the knives sharp and strong.
  • The knives feature full tang construction, which means the blades hold deeper relation with the handle, and as a result, the knives are stronger.
  • Not only are these knives strong, they also feel and look expensive.
  • Triple riveted handle design offers secure handling.


  • They can’t be washed in the dishwasher.
  • The shears included in the package are of cheap quality.
  • The set is only offered in black. Additional color options would have made the product more appealing.
  • The storage block seems to be made of plastic, so its durability is questionable.

The only thing you have to worry about from this set of blades is that you might cut yourself by accident. The shears are a bit below par compared to the rest of the blades, but it’s still a superb deal, seeing how cheap the product is available for. You’ll hardly find anything better than this in the price category.
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Ceramic Knife Set with Block- 5 Pc Cutlery Ceramic Knives

Ceramic knives aren’t really popular among cooks, but what most don’t realize is how effective they are. The knife set from Good Cooking contains 5 ceramic knives, which are surprisingly sharp and strong. These ceramic constructed knives are attractive, effective, and affordable for everyone.


  • Being ceramic, these knives are rust and corrosion proof.
  • You can just put them in the dishwasher and don’t have to bother about hand washing them.
  • The set includes paring, santoku, chef’s, fruit, and a block knife, which are multi-purposeful and together, they are versatile enough for almost all cutting needs.
  • The set is stylish, and comes with an acrylic block for easy storage of the knives.


  • One of the major complaints regarding the set has been about the second longest knife not fitting into the acrylic block as advertised.
  • They won’t dull easily, but you’ll need special kind of sharpening equipment to sharpen them when they do.
  • Ceramic isn’t as durable, there is always a chance you might chip one of the knives. So, you’ll need to be extremely careful, even while cutting on the chopping board.
  • The block knife seems flimsy and cheap.

Ceramic offers a wide option of decorations for the manufacturers. They are automatically more attractive than your normal steel knives, and unbelievably cheaper. They are quite sharp, so their effectiveness is at no doubt, especially when they are new. There are some complications with owning a ceramic knife set, but if you’re confident that you can take proper care of them, these are perfect for you.
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All five knife sets hold a collection of fine knives, which might still make choosing a single product rather confusing. There is no easy way to pick out the best product here, but we can surely help you pick out the best product for you based on the features they offer, and your requirements from a knife set.

If you want the maximum number of blades in your knife set and a reputed company standing behind the product, Fusion forged 18-piece knife block set from Chicago Cutlery is the perfect product for you. All knives have been constructed with high carbon stainless steel, and the product also includes an effective, yet attractive wooden block.

The second product from Chicago Cutlery, Belmont 16-pc set is a complete package with shears and everything. It features trendy designs and this will definitely sit well on your kitchen countertop. Also, it’s rather affordable. So, you get the reliability of a quality brand.

Attention grabbing, decent quality and amazing customer service is what you can expect and what you get from the Cuisinart 15-Piece Knife Set. The blades are dangerously sharp, and also easy to clean. The knives are ergonomically designed for superior comfort and handling. This is the product to go for, if you want something that lasts a while.

Oceanstar offers an all-black, classic set of 15 blades at an unbelievably cheap price. If you’re on a budget and want something reliable for precise cutting, you probably won’t find anything better. This product offers superb value for money.

Last but not the least on our list is the set of 5 ceramic knives from Good Cooking. These knives are attractive, and surprisingly sharp. These will definitely grab all your guest’s attentions and sit well on your countertop. Do keep in mind that you will easily chip the knives if you’re not careful.

As you can see, each knife set has its own perks and cons, so it largely comes down to what you want in your product. It’s a must that the knife set you choose matches your requirements. Make an informed decision accordingly.