You would be surprised to find the range of kitchen cutlery on the market today. Even narrowing down your search to a single item will have you confused for hours at best. There are too many varieties, made from different materials and holding different brand names. The good thing about this, is you have plenty of options and you can truly choose the best product out there, with a little help from us.

Buying anything has never got easier with online shopping. Talking about kitchen knives, you can buy a whole set of them that comes with all kinds of kitchen knives, instead of having to hit the shops and search for each different kind of knife for different uses.

The prices of knife sets vary from brand to brand and also the materials they are made from. Steel knives are generally more expensive and stronger than other kinds. Some of the most attractive knife sets are also made from Ceramic, which are considerably cheaper. The 5-piece set of cutlery ceramic knives from Good Cooking is right up there among the best.


  • The company claims this ceramic knife set to be rust and corrosion proof.
  • The blades are unbelievably sharp.
  • Because these are made from ceramic, you don’t have to worry about the growth of bacteria on them.
  • All 5 knives are dishwasher safe.
  • The set includes fruit, paring, chefs, santoku, and a block knife.


  • The product comes with a stylish acrylic block for easy storage of the knives. This provides convenient access to the blades.
  • The ceramic is beautifully made.
  • It seems durable.
  • These are also dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to bother with hand washing the knives every time.
  • They are incredibly cheap. You will hardly find anything this good for the price.


  • There have been complaints about the second longest knife not fitting into the block as advertised.
  • These ceramic knives won’t dull easily, but if they do, they’re pretty much useless. You’ll need some kind of special equipment to sharpen them.
  • You have to be extremely careful with these knives in order to avoid chipping them.
  • The block knife seems cheap and flimsy.


The first thing that will grasp your attention with this product is its unbelievably cheap price. The knives included in the set are dangerously sharp for ceramic made blades. The handles are anti-slip and they are fairly comfortable to use. With five different types of knives, you have all your kitchen needs covered. These knives are available in black and red colors. While they won’t be dulling anytime soon, you’ll need a special sharpening tool for when they do, so that’s one thing to keep in mind. Overall, these are great knives, offering fair value for the price.


These knives are quite extraordinary, especially for the price tag. However, you do have other options to consider. Dalstrong Ceramic Knives Set and Premium Class Stainless-Steel Kitchen 6 Knife Set from Utopia Kitchen are some of the noteworthy competitors for the Ceramic Knives from Good Cooking. Both these knives are highly rated and feature strong, sharp blades. You will have to make up your own mind, keeping your requirements and budget in mind.


Good Cooking Ceramic Knives are sharp, quite sturdy and can even be washed in the dishwasher. Five different varieties make it perfect for all kinds of cooking. The knives are also bacteria proof and resistant to rust as claimed by the company.

The product from Dalstrong is another superb product on the list of ceramic knife-sets. The set holds 8 pieces and they have been built to be stylish, strong, sharp, and light. The black colored blades make them unique. They are more expensive than our earlier ceramic knife set, which is the only reason it falls to second position.

If you are looking for non-ceramic knives in the price category, the knife set from Utopia Kitchen is the perfect alternative for you. With the recent offer from the company, you can find it remarkably cheap, and you get 6 knives.

All three products are superb in their own rights. The knife set from Utopia Kitchen is the one to go for, if you are not looking for ceramic build. However, if quality and durability is your major concern, I’d recommend Good Cooking Ceramic Knives. They are cheaper than the ones from Dalstrong, plus, they are comfortable to use. You won’t be regretting your purchase with this one. Also, the acrylic block meant for holding knives is the most attractive one. Compare each of these products, considering their features, pros, and cons, in order to make an informed decision.

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