Kitchen knife sets have been the favorite thing among cooking enthusiasts for a while now, mainly because they include all potentially useful knives. This also takes away the hassle of having to seek for individual knives. The number of knives available in the set varies from one manufacturer to another. Most knife sets include highly used knives, such as paring knife, chef’s knife, peeler, slicer, and so on.

The Need to Spend More

The materials used for the construction of the blades and the handle determine the durability of these products. The most popular blade material used is stainless steel. The quality of the stainless steel varies, so you can’t be assured regarding its durability. It usually comes down to the budget you’re willing to spend on your knife set. The higher you pay, the better your product is.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that your knives are going to be sharper if you spend more. The major benefit of spending a higher amount on your knife set is that you receive better quality products. The knives are not just sharper, but also made from a high quality carbon stain stainless steel. The bolsters that provide structural support to the blade by connecting to the handle are of higher quality, hence providing maximum strength.

In the more expensive blades, the handles are more durable, made of non-slip material, and are designed to fit perfectly into normal hands. They provide higher comfort, and greater sense of skillfulness. Also, they are just the right weight and ergonomically designed for optimum efficiency.

Things to Remember

These are also the things you need to seek for while searching for a knife set. Don’t just be prompted into buying a knife set just because the set offers 15 or 20 pieces of blades. The set might include 6 or 8 butter knives, which you might never use. The smart way to choose the best knife set is to look for the individual knives included in the set.

Most professional chefs recommend purchasing individual knives rather than a set, which might not always be feasible for everyone. Purchasing the highest quality individual knives are usually expensive.

The best bet for you is to make a list of the knives you require on a daily basis. Search for a knife set that contains all the knives you need. There is no point in buying a knife set with 7 steak knives, if what you really want is a peeler and a chef knife. You will want to look for sets with 4 or 5 pieces, which usually consist of chef’s knife, peeler, slicer and a paring knife.

Knife Set Reviews

Most knife sets are terrible, and it can be a hectic task to pick out the good ones. That is where the reviews come in. Always look for comment sections on the websites you are trying to purchase your knife set from. The comment sections are usually filled with comments from genuine customers sharing their experience about the product. If you don’t trust the comments, you can look for more reviews on this site too.

Knife Maintenance

The key to maintaining the durability and efficiency of knives is to service them regularly. The first thing you need to do is wash them regularly and dry them immediately. Keep in mind that you should only hand wash knives, unless they are ceramic.

Ceramic knives are also an option for you, and they are easy on the eye too. However, they fail to match the same level of toughness and durability when compared to carbon steel knives.

Apart from cleaning, you should also regularly sharpen them. I am not talking about grinding on the knife, like trying to resurrect a dead knife every few days. But, what you could do is rub your knife on a knife sharpener often. Sharpening steel is usually included in the package of the knife set, and even if it’s not, you can easily purchase it in your local hardware shop. Sharpening steel doesn’t exactly help sharpen a completely dull knife, but it can surely delay the sharpening routine when applied between uses.

Smart Shopping

You could get lucky with the knife set you choose, or your choice could backfire, and you could end up with a terrible set of knives. Your best bet is to do thorough research, and compare multiple knife sets. You might end up getting good deals from companies offering sales for their products. Additionally, it’s best to stick with reputed brand names, as they are most likely to provide quality products, and plus, they provide more reliable customer service compared to most up and coming brands.

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